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Amador Double Barrel

86.8 proof

Amador Ten Barrel 10yr

100 proof – Finished in Chardonnay Barrels

Angels Envy

86.6 proof

Finished in Port Barrels

Angels Envy Cask

124 Proof – 2018

Angels Envy Rye

100 proof

Finished in Caribbean Rum Barrels


80 proof


107 proof

Basil Hayden

80 proof

Basil Hayden 10yr

80 proof

Basil Hayden Dark Rye

80 Proof

Basil Hayden Two By Two Rye

80 proof


93 proof

Blood Oath #4

98.6 proof

Blood Oath #5

98.6 proof – 1/22/19

Bookers KY Chew

126.7 Proof – Aged 6 yrs 4 months 12 days

Bookers Little Book

118.8 proof – Chapter 2

Bookers Teresas Batch

125.9 Proof

Boondocks – 11yr

95 proof

Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey

86 proof

Bulleit 10yr

91.2 Proof

Bulleit Barrel Strength

123.4 proof

Batch 3

Bushmills 16yr

80 proof

C by Courvoisier

80 proof

Chevis Regal

80 proof

David Nicholson Reserve

100 proof


80 proof

E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch

100 proof

Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10yr

90 proof

Elijah Craig

94 proof

Elijah Craig 18 yr Single Barrel

90 proof – Bottled 10-8-18  Barrel #4545

Elijah Craig Barrel Strength 12yr

Proof 131.4

Elijah Craig Barrel Strength 12yr

133.4 proof

Elijah Craig Barrel Strength 12yr

124.2 proof

Evan Williams Single Barrel 7yr

86.6 proof

Four Roses Single Barrel

100 proof

Four Roses Small Batch

90 proof

Glendronach 12yr

86 proof

Glenfiddich 12yr

80 proof

Glenfiddich 18yr

86 proof

Glenlivet 12yr

80 proof

Glenlivet 21yr

86 proof


80 proof

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

86 proof

High West Yippee Ki-Yay

92 proof

I.W. Harper 15yr

86 proof

Jack Daniels #27 Gold

80 proof – Finished in Maple Barrels

Jack Daniels Rye

80 proof

Jack Daniels Sinatra

90 proof

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

94 proof

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Cask Strength

134.4 Proof

Jameson 12yr

80 proof

Jameson 18yr

80 proof

Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

92 proof

Original bourbon barrel with oak inserts that have been toasted over a long period of time to infuse the bourbon

Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

92 proof

New 60 Gallon American Oak barrel with a low, deep impact toast profile

Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

92 proof

Custom 60 gallon French and American hybrid oak barrel with a low, deep impact toast profile

Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

92 proof

New standard whiskey barrel with medium char infused with heavily charred American Oak cubes

Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

92 proof

New standard whiskey barrel with a light-medium char infused with lightly toasted American Oak Staves

Jeffersons Chefs Collab

90 proof – Batch #2 Barrel 3023

This Ridiculously Small Batch limited offering is a marriage of rare barrels of bourbon and rye.  We wanted a blend of harmonious flavors, with smoke and spice.  This is a singular, custom blend, the result of our collaboration and friendship.  Her now, but gone soon.  Drink up.  Collaboration with Chef Edward Lee and Master Blender Trey Zoeller

Jeffersons Grand Selection Chateau Suduiraut

90 proof

Jeffersons Ocean Cask

112 proof – Bottle #27210

Jeffersons Pritchard Hill

90.2 proof – Batch #2 Bottle #10884

Extra matured in French Oak casks from the famous Chappellet Winery which previously held Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Jeffersons Reserve

90.2 proof

Jeffersons Reserve Twin Oak

90.2 Proof  Batch #5

Jeffersons Rum Cask

90.2 proof – Batch #2 Bottle 9825

Johnnie Walker Black

80 proof

Johnnie Walker Blue

80 proof

Knob Creek

100 proof

Knob Creek Rye

100 proof

Knob Creek Rye Cask 9yr

119.6 proof

Knob Creek Single Barrel

120 proof

Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye

100 proof

Macallan 12yr

86 proof

Macallan 15yr

86 proof

Macallan Double Cask 12yr

86 Proof

Maker’s Mark Cask

108.8 proof

Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac

80 proof

Mastersons Rye 10yr

90 proof

McKenna 10yr

100 proof

Michters Single Barrel Rye

84.8 proof

Michters Small Batch Bourbon

91.4 proof

Michters Sour Mash

86 Proof

Midleton Very Rare

80 proof

Minor Case Rye Whiskey

90 proof – Sherry Cask Finished

Old Fitzgerald 11yr

100 proof – 2018 Spring Release

Old Fitzgerald 13yr

100 proof – 2019 Spring Edition

Old Fitzgerald 9yr

100 proof – 2018 Fall Release

Old Forester

86 proof

Old Forester 1870

90 proof

Old Forester 1897

100 proof

Old Forester 1920

115 proof

Old Forester Rye

100 Proof

Old Forester Statesman

95 proof

Old Scout Smooth Ambler

99 proof – Batch 56

Orphan Barrel 15yr

90.5 proof

Orphan Barrel 23yr

90.6 proof

Parkers 11yr

122 proof

Aged for 11 years in Parker’s favorite rickhouse location, Deatsville, these barrels are what Parker would have described as “just good Bourbon”

Parkers 24yr

100 proof

Parkers Barrel Finished

110 proof – Aged 7-8 years, finished in French Orange Curacao Liqueur Barrels

Parkers Malt 8yr

108 proof

This installment of the acclaimed series is a Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey, with a mash consisting of 65% malted barley with 35% corn.  Select barrels of this limited run were allowed to age 8 full years on the 5th and 7th floors of Rickhouse Y in Bardstown.  Bottled without chill filtration and at a robust 108 proof, the soft taste burst with smoky sweetness, and a long lingering finish creates a truly unique American Whiskey experience.

Parkers Rye 8yr

105 proof

Pikesville Rye 6yr

110 proof

Redbreast 12yr

80 proof

Redbreast 21yr

92 proof

Remy Martin Louis XIII

80 proof

$160 / Oz.

Remy Martin VSOP

80 proof

Russells Reserve 10yr

90 proof

Sazerac Rye 6yr

90 proof

Slane Irish Whiskey

80 proof

Whiskey Baron’s Bond & Lillard

Batch #2 – 100 proof

Whiskey Baron’s W.B. Saffell

107 proof

Whistle Pig 10yr

100 proof

Whistle Pig 12yr

86 proof

Old World Cask Finished 63% Madeira, 30% French Sauternes, 7% Port

Whistle Pig 15yr

92 Proof

Whistle Pig Boss Hog 13yr

120.2 Proof – Barrel 36 – 5th Edition

Whistle Pig Farmstock

86 Proof – Crop 1

Wild Turkey Decade

104 proof

Wild Turkey KY Spirit Single Barrel

101 proof – single barrel

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

116.8 proof

Wild Turkey Revival

101 proof

Woodford Batch Proof

123.2 proof – Masters Collection

Woodford Double Oak

90.4 Proof

Woodford Reserve

90.4 proof

Woodford Select American Oak

90.4 Proof – Masters Collection


93 proof